[Pixman] [cairo] Floating point API in Pixman

Mathieu Lacage mathieu.lacage at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Aug 12 01:26:49 PDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-08-12 at 10:06 +0200, Andrea Canciani wrote:

> >> (I would *really* love if int128_t was actually available!)
> >
> > It's available on most 64bit systems (at least x86_64) with gcc as
> > __int128_t and __uint128_t. I use this:
> >
> > #if defined(HAVE___UINT128_T) and !defined(HAVE_UINT128_T)
> > typedef __uint128_t uint128_t;
> > typedef __int128_t int128_t;
> > #endif
> If we can't assume that we have a (fast) FPU, we probably can't assume
> that we are on a 64 bits architecture (even less on x86_64).
> :(

Of course, but this is going to give you a baseline against which you
can compare other implementations. I have found this most useful in my
own projects.


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