[Pixman] bug: pixman_region32_t overflow checks

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Mon Aug 23 15:53:15 PDT 2010

Benjamin Otte <otte at redhat.com> writes:

> I got notified about repaint regressions in GTK3 with large icon views
> today. After investigating, I found that pixman_region32_translate()
> does overflow checks against SHRT_MIN/MAX instead of INT_MIN/MAX. I did
> a quick patch (attached), but I'm not sure it's the most beautiful way
> to fix it.

Good catch. 

Since we are changing this anyway, it might make sense to go to
INT{16,32}_MIN/MAX since that's how the region data types are
declared. (Although all systems we care about probably have 32 bit
ints and 16 bit shorts).

> Also, if Søren intends to do another 0.18 release, this sounds like a
> good candidate.

Agreed. Feel free to push to 0.18 as well. 

Also, the test program looks like it would make a good adition to the
test suite.


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