[Pixman] [cairo] [PATCH] Conical gradients with pixman with rotation

Marco Wertz marco.wertz at gmx.de
Thu Jun 24 02:59:42 PDT 2010

Hi Chris,

Chris Wilson wrote:

> Hi Marco,
> as you seem to be the very first user of conical gradients, do you mind
> presenting your use case? It looks like we should be extending gradients
> to
> cover type 6/7 in the near future, and we may as well expose conical
> gradients in the Cairo API at the same time.

Well, actually my use case is pretty primitive. I'm just working on a console program that puts alpha transparent PNGs over different types of gradients and then saves the resulting image to a new file. It's just for private use only as I have to apply gradients to a few thousands PNGs :)

Best regards,

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