[Pixman] [PATCH] SIMD: Try without any CFLAGS before forcing -mcpu=

Siarhei Siamashka siarhei.siamashka at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 04:40:24 PDT 2010

On Wednesday 10 March 2010, Siarhei Siamashka wrote:
> In my opinion the best solution overall would be to move all the assembly
> optimizations into separate .S files also for legacy ARM processors and
> get rid of these compiler option hacks. I think that bringing support for
> legacy ARM processors into a better shape is quite realistic even for
> 0.18.0 stable release, which is due to be released this month. But it can
> only happen if enough people are interested in this, and more importantly,
> are ready to actively participate in testing.

No comments or other kind of feedback means that there is no real interest in
good pixman performance on non-NEON capable ARM systems. At least not for 0.18
pixman release. So be it.

Best regards,
Siarhei Siamashka

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