[Pixman] 0.18.2 and 0.19.x

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Mon May 3 08:07:57 PDT 2010


Pixman 0.18.0 is out, without too many bugs reported against it so
far. We will need an 0.18.2 release though, with these fixes:

        - TLS issues with pthreads and MinGW32

        - MMX mask fix

        - config.h inclusion in pixman-conical-gradient.c

I posted the MinGW32 patches earlier today; once people have had a
chance to test and review them, I'll merge them to new 0.18 branch and
make a release. Let me know if there are other issues that should be
fixed in the stable branch.

In 0.19.x, a major new feature is likely to be Benjamin's video work:


in which he adds support for planar and packed YUV formats. I am going
to send some initial comments and questions later this week.

Hopefully, Chris Toshok's work on gradient performance will land some
time in 0.19.x. See


The numbers he posted on IRC were certainly impressive. (A 10x
improvement on one benchmark).

As part of this he generalized the infrastructure for fetchers so that
they can be CPU specific. With this work a couple of SSE2 patches from
Steven Snyder in bugzilla can be applied with some minor
modifications, and there is a natural place to put Siarhei's 565
fetcher. Also interesting would be NEON or SSE2 transformed fetchers.

Finally, there is a newly updated list of ideas here:


that includes projects ranging in scope from 'completely straight
forward' to 'major research project'.


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