[Pixman] [PATCH] Do CPU features detection from 'constructor' function when compiled with gcc

Andrea Canciani ranma42 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 08:51:46 PDT 2010

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 12:58 PM, Luca Barbato <lu_zero at gentoo.org> wrote:
> On 10/04/2010 12:19 PM, Andrea Canciani wrote:
>> which adds atomic refcounting and (private, automatically called)
> What's missing in libatomic_ops?
For atomics, nothing. In fact libatomic_ops is one of the possible ways for
simpleops to provide atomic operations (when it is available).
AFAICT the main issue with forcing cairo and pixman to depend on libatomic_ops
is its licence (some MIT, some GPL).


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