[Pixman] Pixman library on wince arm

PS block111 at mail.ru
Wed Sep 22 14:42:43 PDT 2010

> > The question I have is simple: the function pixman_composite_over_n_8888_asm_##cpu takes height as the second (AFAIK) parameter, it has some logic to handle height and line stride. Is there a function that does the same but operates on single lines? That function wouldn't need to know dst_stride and height, all I'd need to pass is the dst_line, width, and color.
> Just pass in a height of 1. The stride will then be irrelevant.
> In any case, I think you may be overcomplicating things. All the
> things that Pixman is designed to do are accessible from the
> definitions in <pixman.h>.
>  - Jonathan Morton

Off course, I pass 1 for height :) but then there is almost no performance improvement from that neon-asm code. Regular c function (inlined while(bits<bits_end){ ...} loop) is only around 10-15% slower.
It took me like 5 minutes to create pixman_composite_line_over_n_8888_asm_sse2(int32_t width, uint32_t * dst_line, uint32_t src) from sse2_composite_over_n_8888, but it's kind of unclear how I could write similar function for arm-neon

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