[Pixman] [PATCH] In pixman_image_create_bits() allow images larger than 2GB

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Thu Aug 11 04:11:53 PDT 2011

On Thu, 11 Aug 2011 06:43:03 -0400, Søren Sandmann <sandmann at cs.au.dk> wrote:
> From: Søren Sandmann Pedersen <ssp at redhat.com>
> There is no reason for pixman_image_create_bits() to check that the
> image size fits in int32_t. The correct check is against size_t since
> that is what the argument to calloc() is.

The only question I have is whether ssize_t width and height is
appropriate, the valid image dimensions are still only int32_t right?

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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