[Pixman] [PATCH 1/1] Android Runtime Detection Support For ARM NEON

Søren Sandmann sandmann at cs.au.dk
Sun Dec 11 10:44:16 PST 2011

Bobby Salazar <bobby8934 at gmail.com> writes:

> This patch adds runtime detection support for the ARM NEON fast paths
> for code compiled with the Android NDK. This is the only code change
> needed to enable the ARM NEON pixman fast paths for the ever growing
> Android platform (200 million+ smartphones, tablets, etc.). Just make
> sure to #define USE_ARM_NEON in your makefile.

Thanks for the patch. A couple of comments:

- I'm told that the latest version of the NDK has a __linux__ define and
  replaces ANDROID with __ANDROID__.

  So probably we should check for android before __linux__ and the
  Android check should be (ANDROID || __ANDROID__).

- All the arm_has_* variables and the pixman_have_*() routines are
  duplicated between __linux__ and ANDROID. Maybe the Android branch
  could be done as a subbranch of the __linux__ one?

- Coding style: 
  - Pixman uses four space indents, and tab characters are interpreted
    as "advance to next column which is a multiple of 8".
  - We don't braces around single line statements. For example in this:

> +		if (cpu_features & ANDROID_CPU_ARM_FEATURE_ARMv7)
> +		{
> +			arm_has_v7 = TRUE;
> +		}

    no braces should be used.


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