[Pixman] [ANNOUNCE] pixman release 0.23.2 now available

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at cs.au.dk
Mon Jul 4 12:39:41 PDT 2011

A new pixman release 0.23.2 is now available. This is the first
development release leading up to a stable 0.24 release.

- Improved support for tiled bilinear scaling on SSE2 and ARM [Taekyun Kim]

- Fix for a bug causing glyph corruption on ARM devices with a 16 bit
  frame buffer [Søren Sandmann]

Please report bugs to pixman at lists.freedesktop.org or file them at 





	MD5:  775c5ecde7485bd69936dcc978f5aa58  pixman-0.23.2.tar.gz
	MD5:  2e2805f5ca02edeb15a7862779670069  pixman-0.23.2.tar.bz2
	SHA1: 5100c1e2d4566e507ead5c638d2a66bb165b2e63  pixman-0.23.2.tar.gz
	SHA1: 62568ed6eb84c0312cc0e6f9c5f4bc12b8202492  pixman-0.23.2.tar.bz2

GPG signature:
	(signed by Soren Sandmann <sandmann at daimi.au.dk>)

	tag: pixman-0.23.2

	Andrea Canciani (3):
	      test: Fix compilation on win32
	      Include noop in win32 builds
	      Silence autoconf warnings
	Dave Yeo (1):
	      Check for working mmap()
	Nis Martensen (1):
	      Fix a few typos in pixman-combine.c.template
	Søren Sandmann (5):
	      mmx: Delete some unused variables
	      sse2: Delete some unused variables
	      demos: Comment out some unused variables
	      ARM: Fix two bugs in neon_composite_over_n_8888_0565_ca().
	      test: Make fuzzer-find-diff.pl executable
	Søren Sandmann Pedersen (12):
	      Post-release version bump to 0.23.1
	      Add a "noop" implementation.
	      Add a noop composite function for the DST operator
	      Move noop dest fetching to noop implementation
	      Add a noop src iterator
	      Move NULL iterator into pixman-noop.c
	      Move NOP src iterator into noop implementation.
	      Replace instances of "dst_*" with "dest_*"
	      In pixman-general.c rename image_parameters to {src, mask, dest}_image
	      Replace argumentxs to composite functions with a pointer to a struct
	      blitters-test: Make common formats more likely to be tested.
	      Pre-release version bump to 0.23.2
	Taekyun Kim (6):
	      Replace boolean arguments with flags for bilinear fast path template
	      REPEAT_NORMAL support for bilinear fast path template
	      sse2: Declare bilinear src_8888_8888 REPEAT_NORMAL composite function
	      ARM: Add REPEAT_NORMAL functions to bilinear BIND macros
	      Enable REPEAT_NORMAL bilinear fast path entries
	      Bilinear REPEAT_NORMAL source line extension for too short src_width

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