[Pixman] Pixman on iOS

cu cairouser at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 12:20:22 PST 2011

Luca Barbato wrote:
> For starter I'd just force-enable/disable depending on the target build.
Indeed. armv7 arch on iPhone/iPad supposedly always means NEON. Runtime
detection can always come later.
>> That said, I neither have any Apple hardware required to do iPhone
>> development, nor do I feel that it would be the right thing for me to
>> work on this issue considering many factors. Surely it would have been
>> better for everyone if Apple tried to be more compatible with Linux.
>> But as it does not seem to be the case, somebody has to do some work
>> to make sure that pixman NEON optimizations work there.
> I have the needed hardware so if enough people find that part
> interesting I could give a try.
I have the hardware and reasonable set-up to try things. Admittedly, I
am a C developer and when it comes to assembly, using definitions from
"Kung-fu Panda" - "there is now a level zero". But, I can definitely try
things and provide feedback, as well as help with the build in any way I

Cairo and pixman do quite a bit to be compatible with various systems. I
think considering the amount of iHardware out there it would be
beneficial for many to get it working properly.


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