[Pixman] NEON build problems with master (0.23.7)

Siarhei Siamashka siarhei.siamashka at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 05:14:13 PDT 2011

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 12:45 PM, Taekyun Kim <podain77 at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is strange... when I remove ']' from 'vst4.8 {d28, d29, d30, d31}
> [DST_W :128]!'
> I got similar messages with yours. Can you try again with binutils >= 2.21?
> Binutils 2.20 seems to have several bugs in assembler.

It just looks like a missed comma typo in pixman git master:

diff --git a/pixman/pixman-arm-neon-asm.S b/pixman/pixman-arm-neon-asm.S
index da8f054..87aae1d 100644
--- a/pixman/pixman-arm-neon-asm.S
+++ b/pixman/pixman-arm-neon-asm.S
@@ -1260,7 +1260,7 @@ generate_composite_function \
                                     PF subges PF_CTL, PF_CTL, #0x10
     vmull.u8    q11, d24, d3
                                     PF ldrgeb DUMMY, [PF_MASK,
MASK_STRIDE, lsl #mask_bpp_shift]!
-        vst4.8      {d28, d29, d30, d31}, [DST_W :128]!
+        vst4.8      {d28, d29, d30, d31}, [DST_W, :128]!
     vrsra.u16   q8, q8, #8
     vrsra.u16   q9, q9, #8
     vrsra.u16   q10, q10, #8

Was it binutils 2.21 that accepted this code?

Best regards,
Siarhei Siamashka

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