[Pixman] Menu text corrupt with pixman-0.22.2

Søren Sandmann sandmann at cs.au.dk
Mon Oct 24 08:47:06 PDT 2011

Francois Tigeot <ftigeot at wolfpond.org> writes:

>> Pixman 0.20.0 and earlier contained a workaround for a bug in the X
>> server version 1.6 and earlier, that could produce symptoms like the one
>> in the screen shot. In 0.22.0 this workaround was removed.
>> So if you are using a 1.6 X server or earlier, you'll probably have to
>> update that too.
> Unfortunately it isn't so simple; apparently the X server version can't be
> upgraded in pkgsrc due to a kernel limitation on one of the main supported
> platforms.
> The choice is either to downgrade pixman to the 0.20 branch or to find a way
> to make it work with Xorg-server 1.6.x
> Do you have detailled information on the X server bug and the workaround ?
> If possible, we'll port it to 0.22 and maintain it as a local patch.

The workaround in pixman was removed in 9c19a85b0037d48fdd180a2c59ef05bdc4f46680. 
You might try to add that patch back in.

I don't remember precisely what the bug in the X server was, but it had
to do with the server creating both images and clip regions that were at
the wrong offsets, which cancelled each other out due to a bug in


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