[Pixman] sRGB processing for pixman

Antti S. Lankila alankila at bel.fi
Sat Jun 9 05:58:50 PDT 2012

On 09.06.2012 14:16, Antti S. Lankila wrote:

> Currently the color space processing is just a cheap integer hack with 
> gamma 2.0. It is sufficient for testing purposes, but not production 
> quality. I'm leaning towards tabularizing the official sRGB-to-linear 
> function and its inverse in a future patch.

Just to avoid any future confusion, I found the time to write the 
tabularized conversion. A simple screenshot that shows sRGB (top) and 
non-sRGB (bottom) processing: http://bel.fi/~alankila/pixman/difference.png

> http://bel.fi/~alankila/0001-Add-tentative-support-for-sRGB-surfaces.patch 

The URL still works, although I recommend making it 
/~alankila/pixman/0001etc. in the future.


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