[Pixman] Patch to include xmmintrin.h on Visual C++ in pixman-master

Søren Sandmann sandmann at cs.au.dk
Thu Mar 15 12:17:14 PDT 2012

Fan Chun-wei <fanc999 at yahoo.com.tw> writes:

> This is a patch to include xmmintrin.h on Visual C++ in pixman-mmx.c
> as this is where _mm_shuffle_pi16 and _mm_mulhi_pu16 are defined on
> that compiler, and the definitions of those functions provided in
> pixman-mmx.c use gcc-specific items which Visual C++ does not like at
> all.  This will ensure pixman will compile on Visual C++ when x86-mmx
> support is enabled.

Looks good to me; pushed to master.

For the other patches to add a build system for MSVC, I am hoping that
someone with an interest in that compiler will review it. But if not,
I'll simply verify that it doesn't break on Linux and push it.


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