[Pixman] Basic infrastructure for MIPS32r2 and DSPr1 optimizations.

Nemanja Lukic nemanja.lukic at rt-rk.com
Mon Aug 19 07:16:48 PDT 2013

Some of the optimizations introduced in previous DSPr2 commits were not DSPr2
specific. Some of the fast-paths didn't used DSPr2 instructions at all, and
rather utilized more generic MIPS32r2 instruction set or previous version of
DSP instruction set (DSPr1) for optimizations.
Since Pixman's run-time CPU detection only added DSPr2 fast-paths on 74K MIPS
cores, these optimizations couldn't be used on cores that don't support DSPr2,
but do support MIPS32r2 or DSPr1 instructions (these are almost all newer MIPS
CPU cores like 4K, 24K, 34K, 1004K, etc).
These patches extract those MIPS32r2 and DSPr1 specific optimizations into new
fast-path sets, with appropriate build and run time infrastructure. With these
pathes no new optimizations are introduced, only refactoring of previous DSPr2
optimizations into MIPS32r2-specific and DSPr1-specific.
Future commits will add more MIPS32r2 and DSPr1 specific fast paths.
For testing, lowlevel-blt benchmark is used and two different MIPS cores:
 - 24Kc - for MIPS32r2
 - 1004Kc - for DSPr1

Per previous code review:
 - Extra code removed
 - Patch set splitted in more smaller patches
 - Removed unnecessary configure check (for -mips32r2 compiler flag)
 - Improved run-time detection (it now, depending on the kernel version, can distinguish between DSPr1/r2 and MIPS32r2 ISAs)
 - Added check for 64-bit systems
 - Prefetch for store is only enabled on MIPS32r2 systems (and consequently DSPr1 and DSPr2), where cache line has appropriate size

Any comments for these pathes are welcome.

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