[Pixman] Generic pixman_blt

Burton, Ross ross.burton at intel.com
Mon Dec 2 08:53:49 PST 2013


In upgrading our pixman package I discovered that we're carrying two
non-trivial patches.  One was previously rejected on the list so I'll
do some more research and come back to that, but the other one simply
adds a generic implementation of pixman_blt.  I've attached the patch,
refreshed for 0.32.4

>From what I can tell if the processor doesn't support any of the
vector hardware operations then the pixman_blt operation will simply
run out of implementations and return FALSE.  We test our software on
x86/PPC/MIPS/ARM machines emulated in qemu, so I wouldn't be surprised
if that happened on PPC, and maybe MIPS/ARM depending on the exact
machine configuration.

So, has a generic blt implementation been rejected in the past, should
this patch be reviewed and merged, or is it redundant and I can delete

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