[Pixman] Use of uninitialized values (?)

Christian Stadelmann chris.privat at genodeftest.de
Thu Dec 19 13:01:46 PST 2013


I just analyzed some application using valgrind. I am getting warnings
like this:

==6514== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==6514==    at 0x3C8DA72B04: sse2_combine_over_u (pixman-sse2.c:646)
==6514==    by 0x3C8DA57CE3: general_composite_rect
==6514==    by 0x3C8DA0B8B0: pixman_image_composite32 (pixman.c:707)
==6514==    by 0x3998035976: _inplace_spans
==6514==    by 0x3998078F33: _cairo_tor_scan_converter_generate
==6514==    by 0x399806B46B: composite_polygon.isra.9
==6514==    by 0x399806BEDA: clip_and_composite_polygon
==6514==    by 0x399806CEA0: _cairo_spans_compositor_fill
==6514==    by 0x39980290BE: _cairo_compositor_fill
==6514==    by 0x3998039C5E: _cairo_image_surface_fill
==6514==    by 0x399806FF43: _cairo_surface_fill (cairo-surface.c:2305)
==6514==    by 0x399803128B: _cairo_gstate_fill (cairo-gstate.c:1317)
==6514==  Uninitialised value was created by a stack allocation
==6514==    at 0x3C8DA57A60: general_composite_rect

They have one thing in common: the uninitialised value is created at the
same position.
I am not quite solid in writing C code but isn't the value 'op'
uninitialized in this function?

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