[Pixman] Pixbuf/rpixbuf paths crash

Nemanja Lukic nemanja.lukic at rt-rk.com
Fri Mar 1 04:14:54 PST 2013

Adding following to lowlevel-blt-bench:


    { "pixbuf",             PIXMAN_pixbuf,          0, PIXMAN_OP_SRC,
PIXMAN_pixbuf,       0, PIXMAN_a8r8g8b8 },

    { "rpixbuf",            PIXMAN_rpixbuf,         0, PIXMAN_OP_SRC,
PIXMAN_rpixbuf,      0, PIXMAN_a8r8g8b8 },


causes lowlevel-blt-bench to crash (segfault). Actual crashing point is in
pixman-bits-image.c in function bits_image_fetch_untransformed_repeat_none.

Both image->fetch_scanline_float and image->fetch_scanline_32 are zero,
causing program to crash.


How to profile performance of pixman for this colorspace using

Did I construct these two testcases correctly?



Nemanja Lukic

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