[Pixman] [PATCH] Allow building on Windows with cmd.exe

Simon Richter Simon.Richter at hogyros.de
Thu Jun 4 03:39:57 PDT 2015


> The patch does not regress the mingw-based build (basically that used in
> http://cairographics.org/end_to_end_build_for_win32/ )

> I did not manage to get the build working on the cmd.exe shell. Do you have
> any instructions (or possibly indications about what is the correct
> environment) for that?

Yes, the environment needs to be set up for the compiler. Typically,
there is a script called "setenv.cmd" or "vcvars32.bat" that can be
called from a batch based build, and a start menu entry "Visual Studio
Command Shell" or similar.


has some documentation.

Our build log lives at


The patch being applied in the log is the one I submitted.

> AFAICT the change still relies on a Unix-like make command.
> A bigger (but possibly even more interesting) change would be an
> NMAKE-based build, so that the command-line tools available in Visual
> Studio are sufficient for building the whole project.

Yes, but nmake is rather limited, and GNU make has a bootstrap script
and works from a standalone executable, so I'm not sure that is worthwhile.


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