[Pixman] Cleaning patchwork

Ben Avison bavison at riscosopen.org
Mon Jan 4 06:31:21 PST 2016

On Tue, 22 Dec 2015 13:14:21 -0000, Oded Gabbay <oded.gabbay at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Ben,
> I would like to clean pixman's patchwork and you have about 20
> outstanding patches.

> [4/4] pixman-fast-path: Make bilinear cover fetcher use COVER_CLIP_TIGHT flag
> [3/4] armv7/mips/sse2: Make bilinear cover fast paths use COVER_CLIP_TIGHT flag

I still think these are a worthwhile improvement and have described some
conditions under which it should be measurable using affine-bench. I believe
Pekka wanted to prove it using real-world traces though, and since there was
no measurable change for better or worse using the normal Cairo traces, he
was attempting to capture some new ones that would exercise the cases I
described. Last I heard though, he had found that Cairo's tracer was broken,
so he was unable to make progress. Under the circumstances, do you think
affine-bench results alone would be acceptable?

> Resolve implementation-defined behaviour for division rounded to -infinity

This one got bogged down in an argument about whether C89 should still be
supported or not, which I'm not sure was ever resolved?

> [05/37,v2] composite flags: Early detection of fully opaque 1x1
> repeating source images
> [10/37,v2] pixman-fast-path: Add in_8888_8 fast path
> [11/37,v2] armv6: Add in_8888_8 fast path
> [23/37,v2] armv6: Add optimised scanline fetchers and writeback for
> r5g6b5 and a8
> [24/37,v2] armv6: Add optimised scanline fetcher for a1r5g5b5
> [25/37,v2] armv6: Add src_1555_8888 fast path

v1 of these patches were reviewed (excluding the ARM assembly parts) by
Søren on 05 Oct 2014, and v2 addressed the issue he raised. There haven't
been any comments on the reposted versions.

> armv7: Re-use existing fast paths in more cases
> armv7: Re-use existing fast paths in more cases

These apply the same rules that Søren suggested for my ARMv6 paths in the v2
patches above to the pre-existing ARMv7 paths as well. The only review
comment received so far was that the two patches needed different names.

> [2/5,v2] armv7: Add in_8888_8 fast path

The only difference for v2 here was again just a matter of defining the
widest possible set of pixel formats to match the fast path.

> [5/5] armv7: Add src_1555_8888 fast path
> [4/5] armv7: Add in_reverse_8888_8888 fast path
> [3/5] armv7: Add in_n_8888 fast path
> [1/5] armv7: Use prefetch for small-width images too
> [3/3] armv7: Use VLD-to-all-lanes
> [2/3] armv7: Faster fill operations
> [1/3] armv7: Coalesce scalar accesses where possible
> Require destination images to be bitmaps

None of these have received any comments to date. In many cases, I suspect
it's the fact that they involve ARM assembly, and we don't have many (any?)
active reviewers who know it. I'm not sure what we can do about that.

> I also suggest that for the relevant ones (if there are any), you
> would rebase them on the latest master and re-send them as a single
> series in order to restart the review process.

I can certainly do that, but I had previously been asked to split my
postings into smaller series that were independent. I have a lot more
patches waiting to post that depend on the ones that are stuck in limbo -
the complete set can be seen at


if you're interested. Or I could just post/repost the whole lot (72 patches
now), like I did with my 37-patch series from 2014.


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