[Pixman] pixman-0.34.0 warning(s)

Sylvain Becker sylvain.becker at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 09:46:54 UTC 2018


Compiling pixman-0.34.0 with clang prints this warning:

pixman/pixman-implementation.c:124:38: warning: comparison of constant 64
with expression of type 'const pixman_op_t' is always false
            if ((info->op == op || info->op == PIXMAN_OP_any)           &&
                                   ~~~~~~~~ ^  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

and also this (less important?) one:

pixman/pixman-fast-path.c:2614:32: warning: shifting a negative signed
value is undefined [-Wshift-negative-value]
    while (buffer < end && x < pixman_fixed_minus_1)
pixman/pixman.h:128:32: note: expanded from macro 'pixman_fixed_minus_1'
#define pixman_fixed_minus_1            (pixman_int_to_fixed(-1))
pixman/pixman.h:130:56: note: expanded from macro 'pixman_int_to_fixed'
#define pixman_int_to_fixed(i)          ((pixman_fixed_t) ((i) << 16))
                                                           ~~~ ^


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