[Pixman] Is circle rendering possible?

Indi Kernick kerndog73 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 04:30:58 UTC 2019

Is it possible to render a filled circle onto an image? How about rendering
the outline of a circle? Could I do this with or without antialiasing? How
about lines with or without antialiasing?

I might be able to hack something together with radial gradients but I'm
hoping there's a better way. I'm not actually using pixman yet. I'm just
trying to determine whether this is the library I need.

If pixman cannot do these things, could someone recommend a library that
does? I need something that can do compositing (with options to set the
compositing operation), transformations, masking, indexed (palette) images,
kernel convolution filters, gradients, basic line, circle and rectangle

Rendering a circle myself isn't that complicated but I'd rather use someone
else's code that does it properly and fast.
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