[Pixman] [ANNOUNCE] pixman release 0.40.0 now available

Matt Turner mattst88 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 22:00:21 UTC 2020

A new pixman release 0.40.0 is now available. This is a stable release.



	SHA256: 6d200dec3740d9ec4ec8d1180e25779c00bc749f94278c8b9021f5534db223fc  pixman-0.40.0.tar.gz
	SHA256: da8ed9fe2d1c5ef8ce5d1207992db959226bd4e37e3f88acf908fd9a71e2704e  pixman-0.40.0.tar.xz
	SHA512: 063776e132f5d59a6d3f94497da41d6fc1c7dca0d269149c78247f0e0d7f520a25208d908cf5e421d1564889a91da44267b12d61c0bd7934cd54261729a7de5f  pixman-0.40.0.tar.gz
	SHA512: 8a60edb113d68791b41bd90b761ff7b3934260cb3dada3234c9351416f61394e4157353bc4d61b8f6c2c619de470f6feefffb4935bfcf79d291ece6285de7270  pixman-0.40.0.tar.xz

GPG signature:
	(signed by [ultimate] Matt Turner <mattst88 at gmail.com>
 [ultimate] Matt Turner <mattst88 at gentoo.org>
 [ultimate] Matt Turner <matt.turner at intel.com>
 [ultimate] Matt Turner <mattst88 at freedesktop.org>)

	tag: pixman-0.40.0

	Adam Jackson (17):
	      test: Fix undefined left shift in affine-test
	      test: Fix undefined left shift in pixel_checker_init
	      pixman: Fix undefined left shift in pixel_contract_from_float
	      pixman-access: Fix various undefined left shifts
	      pixman-combine: Fix various undefined left shifts
	      pixman-image: Fix undefined left shift
	      pixman-gradient-walker: Fix undefined left shift
	      pixman-sse2: Fix an undefined left shift
	      pixman-fast-path: Fix various undefined left shifts
	      pixman-bits-image: Fix various undefined left shifts
	      pixman-bits-image: Fix left shift of a negative number
	      pixman-matrix: Fix left shift of a negative number
	      test: Fix unrepresentable subtraction in stress-test
	      pixman-mmx: Fix undefined left-shifts
	      pixman-mmx: Fix undefined unaligned loads
	      pixman-sse2: Fix undefined unaligned loads
	      fast-path: Fix some sketchy pointer arithmetic
	Antonio Ospite (1):
	      pixman-compiler.h: fix building tests with MinGW
	Basile Clement (6):
	      Fix bilinear filter computation in wide pipeline
	      Implement basic dithering for the wide pipeline, v3
	      test: Check the dithering path in tolerance-test
	      demos: Add a dithering demo
	      Ordered dithering with blue noise, v2
	      Don't use GNU extension for binary numbers
	Christoph Reiter (3):
	      meson: define SIZEOF_LONG  and use -Wundef
	      meson: allow building a static library
	      meson: fix TLS support under mingw
	Chun-wei Fan (11):
	      meson.build: Fix MMX, SSE2 and SSSE3 checks on MSVC
	      meson.build: Disable OpenMP on MSVC builds
	      build: Don't assume PThreads if threading support is found
	      meson.build: Improve libpng search on MSVC
	      pixman/pixman-version.h.in: Add a PIXMAN_API macro
	      pixman/pixman.h: Mark public APIs with PIXMAN_API
	      pixman-[compiler|private].h: Export symbols for tests
	      pixman/meson.build: Define PIXMAN_API on MSVC-style compilers
	      test/solid-test.c: Include stdint.h
	      demos: Define _USE_MATH_DEFINES on MSVC-style compilers
	      thread-test.c: Use Windows Threading API on Windows
	Dylan Baker (1):
	      meson: don't use link_with for library()
	Fan Jinke (1):
	      add Hygon Dhyana support to enable X86_MMX_EXTENSIONS feature
	Federico Mena Quintero (1):
	      Initialize temporary buffers in general_composite_rect()
	Ghabry (1):
	      Enabled armv6 SIMD for 3DS (devkitARM) and arm neon SIMD for PS Vita (vit
	Jonathan Kew (2):
	      Explicitly cast byte to uint32_t before left-shifting.
	      Avoid undefined behavior (left-shifting negative value) in pixman_int_to_
	Khem Raj (1):
	      test/utils: Check for FE_INVALID definition before use
	Mathieu Duponchelle (2):
	      meson: finish porting over mmx and ssse2 flags for sun and msvc
	      meson: add missing function check (getisax)
	Matt Turner (7):
	      Post-release version bump to 0.38.5
	      lowlevel-blt-bench: Remove unused variable
	      loongson: Avoid C90 mixing-code-and-decls warning
	      Distribute the blue-noise files
	      Build xz tarballs instead of bzip2
	      Move from MD5/SHA1 to SHA256/SHA512 digests
	      Pre-release version bump to 0.40.0
	Shiyou Yin (1):
	      configure.ac: use '-mloongson-mmi' for Loongson MMI
	Yin Shiyou (1):
	      pixman-combine: Fix wrong value of RB_MASK_PLUS_ONE.
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