[Pixman] trouble with pixman lib

Jack black_jack007 at 163.com
Thu Jul 9 00:50:58 UTC 2020

Hello EveryOne
I am a new guy. While I am trying to build cairo, i use pixman. I build a pixman lib and it seems well. After I add it in cairo project, something is wrong, the wrong information tell it can not find get function port from lib (such as : _pixman_region32_contains_rectangle, _pixman_region32_fini and so on).
So I put my eye on pixman project and juess what I find ,those functions ( _pixman_region32_contains_rectangle, _pixman_region32_fini and so on) are just declared but with out implementation.
I am quit confused and I want to get help from you. Thanks
what's the version of pixman is 0.40.0
the cairo version is 1.17.2
with VS2017 on Windows

best wishes
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