[Pixman] [PATCH 1/2] configure.ac: Use '-mloongson-mmi' for Loongson MMI.

YunQiang Su wzssyqa at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 15:17:13 UTC 2020

<yinshiyou-hf at loongson.cn> 于2020年3月28日周六 上午11:13写道:
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> >
> > Please reject ALL of @loongson.cn patch, as I know they are try to
> > KILL all other MIPS platform.
> > There are some extensions are Loongson-only (MMI here), while they
> > continue to try to set them as default.
> Please don't be so extreme, we will never trying to kill other mips platform.

This a the mistake of mine.
The LS_CFLAGS is used only for libpixman-loongson-mmi.la,
and it will not be used globally. Then it won't break other MIPS platforms.
I apologize for my mistake.

> About this setting for MMI, yes, now it's enable by default, but there are runtime check for MMI.
> If it still crashes on other mips platform, it may be a bug of runtimechek.

For the incompatible between 2F (-march=loongson2f) and 3A (-mloongson-mmi),
I checked that all of currently used insns are compatible.

While there do be some insns are incompatible: single-paired and some
condition insns.
Luckily, they are not used yet.
If they are used in future, we should be very carefully.

> I still suggest to enable it by default. If our views cannot be reached, then choose proposal B
> to delete this default setting.</pixman at lists.freedesktop.org></yinshiyou-hf at loongson.cn></wzssyqa at gmail.com>

YunQiang Su

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