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> I'm just wondering if it is hard to support both ':' and '=' in lines 
> that have the form

AFAIK there's a difference in their meanings.
The ones with ":" are some kind of "special" fields, which all
have their defined meaning (ie. Name, Requires, ...). 
On the other side the ones with "=" are just user-defined
variables, which are just to be replaced anywhere, but dont have
an inherent meaning.

> doing this can facilitate script integration...... and can help 
> use of pkg-config format inside other application (such as compile 
> systems, freshmeat like sites....)

It isn't such hard to parse. If you really, really want to include it
into a shell script (which I wouldn't consider wise), you can use a 
small perl script as a filter. (you should do some namespacing anyway).

BTW: if anyone's intersted - I've coded an pkg-config loader class
in java. Its part my my unitool project:


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