cross-compile and pkgconfig

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Fri Sep 16 09:31:57 PDT 2005

* malet jean-luc alias cityhunter <jlm_devel at> schrieb:

> >For clean crosscompiling you should use a sysroot'ed toolchain.
> >(crosstool is your friend for creating one).
> >
> this might be not a good idea..... because with crosstool you have only 
> one sysroot per compile chain.... but you often need lot more.... 

That's easy to solve: simply multiple toolchains ...
Yeah, this wastes some disk space. Perhaps we could run some process
after building, which finds equal files and links them together.

> if you 
> work into a company you have to work with others.... there is often a 
> "reference tree" that contains the applications integrated, and 
> "development trees" (you can even have several devel trees if working on 
> lot of small functionalities that aren't related, or sharing some devel 
> trees...) that why often software are compiled with --nostdinc with 
> rights -I and -L.... it's personal experience I'm talking about....

sysroot'ing is the only clean way I can imagine. 
The other ways are not really clean and reliable.

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