[PATH] sysroot handling

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Fri Sep 16 09:35:01 PDT 2005

* malet jean-luc alias cityhunter <jlm_devel at laposte.net> schrieb:

> you patch faster than I reply ^_^

yeah, I already had it laying around ... i remembered just when
I sent the last mail out :)

> I'll test it.... I think this is a good addition... that should 
> be in next pkg-config release!

Could the others please also test it, so that we can get it in ASAP ?

BTW: should we probably use $PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT instead of $SYSROOT ?
This requires me to set enother envvar (i'm always settings $SYSROOT),
but it seems to be more clean to me - you have finer control if you 
want to prevent conflicts with other commands using $SYSROOT.

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