cross-compile and pkgconfig

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Fri Sep 16 10:58:37 PDT 2005

* JLM aka cityhunter <jlm_devel at> schrieb:

> sysroot isn't clean experience (it may have changed now) 
> shows that even with a sysroot the crosschain end seeking for includes 
> in  /usr/include and for libs in /lib /usr/lib and so one if he can't 
> find it in SYSROOT/usr/include (....) 

yeah, the common problem with autoshit + libfool.
That's why I had to write my own libtool ...

> for libs this isn't bothering since elf contain information about the 
> platform for which the libs has been build.... 

Oh, it does. 

I'm using cross-toolchains also to build for the same platform/arch,
but different libc version. If there are some strange symbols 
(ie. coming from libc) missing, then someone (normally autoconf)
messed up pathes.

BTW the story gets even funnier, if your package uses libtool to
link against other fooled libs and looks for the .la files in the 
wrong place. Or just if you're happy that you could supply your own
library path within the sysroot, it writes *this sysroot'ed* path
down in the .la files.


PS: are you subscribed to the list ? would be nice if we could
omit CC'ing.
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