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Daniel E. Macks dmacks at
Tue Dec 5 09:38:54 PST 2006

juuso.alasuutari at <juuso.alasuutari at> said:
> What if pkg-config had an option to send the options it's run with, as well as
> its exit status, to a socket? It could check if an environment variable, e.g.
> PKGCONFIG_MONITOR_SOCKET, for the socket address. If the variable is set, it
> would send the data to the socket. (Having it act upon an environment variable
> would allow backwards compatibility and wouldn't require any Makefile changes
> in sources.) Distro developers could then write utilities for monitoring what
> pkg-config commands ./configure issues, and use that information for different
> purposes.

I agree that some way to trace how pkg-config was called (or what .pc
files were implicated over a series of calls, or whatever) would be
useful for package maintainers. There are a couple of feature-requests
along these lines on pkg-config's bugzilla.


Daniel Macks
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