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Wed Jan 11 02:11:56 PST 2006

* Eric Faurot 

| I'm trying to understand how to use pkg-config for packging libraries
| properly.
| I think I understand the difference between "Require" and the new
| "Require.private", but I fail to see the rationale for this change,
| and in fact I don't think it makes sense.  I don't not see a convincing
| use-case for "Require".

GTK+ and other similar libraries have had a long-standing tradition of
pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0 giving you the directory includes for all
libraries gtk+-2.0 depends on (and makes available through its headers).

So, you could install glib-2.0 to /opt/glib-2.0 and gtk+-2.0 to
/opt/gtk+-2.0.  /opt/gtk+-2.0/include/gtk/gtk.h includes (indirectly)
<glib/glib.h>.  For this to work, -I/opt/glib-2.0/include needs to be
added to the compilation command line when compiling gtk+-2.0-using

Hope this explains a bit.

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