configure problem

Tom Parker palfrey at
Fri Nov 3 04:02:30 PST 2006

Kevin Zhang wrote:
> CPU states: 76.1% idle,  2.2% user,  4.3% kernel, 17.4% iowait,  0.0%
> swap
> Memory: 1024M real, 293M free, 1376M swap in use, 3316M swap free

Not sure then. Doesn't look like a pkg-config issue, as it's doing the 
same thing as 1000's of other autoconf-using packages, and I'd probably 
bet against this being an autoconf issue. Odds are it's a 
Solaris-specific thing, and you're probably best off locating a local 
Solaris expert. Alternately, there's probably a few decent Solaris user 
mailing lists around somewhere (don't know any offhand, as I don't use it).

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