pkg-config-0.21, Requires.private items Required even when not using --static

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Wed Jan 24 05:53:19 PST 2007

Tom Parker wrote:
> Rex Dieter wrote:
>>> Shouldn't Libs.private and Requires.private be ignored and not be 
>>> used when/if one doesn't use
>>> $ pkg-config --static
>>> ?

>> Searching bugzilla, found this issue to be already reported,
>> with patch supplied.  Sadly, the original report is over a year old.
> Requires.private is also needed for --cflags, as the library headers for 
> package foo often require the headers for bar (indeed, that's half the 
> point of Requires.private).

If foo (always) requires headers from bar, then shouldn't it use
Requires: bar
Requires.private: bar
I thought the purpose of *.private is for items required for static linking?

-- Rex

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