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tania habib taniahabib at
Tue Jun 19 10:08:19 PDT 2007

Hello list,
I am trying to install aubio on my machine (Mac osx), I followed the
instructions for necessary packages to be installed before aubio.
It includes pkg-config.
The problem is that when I run ./configure & make & make check before make
The make check returns with follow error message.

Making check in check
make  check-TESTS
/bin/sh: line 1: ./check-cflags: Permission denied
FAIL: check-cflags
/bin/sh: line 1: ./check-libs: Permission denied
FAIL: check-libs
/bin/sh: line 1: ./check-define-variable: Permission denied
FAIL: check-define-variable
/bin/sh: line 1: ./check-libs-private: Permission denied
FAIL: check-libs-private
/bin/sh: line 1: ./check-requires-private: Permission denied
FAIL: check-requires-private
/bin/sh: line 1: ./check-includedir: Permission denied
FAIL: check-includedir
6 of 6 tests failed
make[2]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
make[1]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1

If I ignore the errors and go ahead with aubio installation, after
./configure , it returns with error message like that

checking for pkg-config... no
checking pkg-config is at least version 0.9.0... ./configure: line 21348:
no: command not found
checking for SNDLIB... configure: error: The pkg-config script could not be
found or is too old.  Make sure it
is in your PATH or set the PKG_CONFIG environment variable to the full
path to pkg-config.

Alternatively, you may set the environment variables SNDLIB_CFLAGS
and SNDLIB_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.
See the pkg-config man page for more details.

To get pkg-config, see <>.
See `config.log' for more details.

Kindly suggest how to make it all work !

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