IDEA: License field for pkg-config .pc files

Phil Lello phil.lello at
Sat Sep 15 04:15:23 PDT 2007


I'm not on-list, so please CC me on any responses to this. I've tried 
searching the archives for 'license' to see if this has been asked 
before, and apparently not.

It would be useful to have a License field to .pc files, to specify the 
type of license that the package has been released under. This would 
simplify checking that projects using pkg-config are meeting the license 
requirements of the various dependancies.

I'd suggest allowing multiple License fields for any dependancies 
available under multiple licenses, and possibly a License-Details field 
that specifies where the full license text can be found (either a URL, 
or path, such as ${prefix}/doc/xxx.license.txt.

pkg-config would then have a new flag added, say -license, that lists 
all the relevant License: fields and URL/paths.

Feedback greatly appreciated,

Phil Lello

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