pkg-config and cross compiling

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at
Sun Apr 6 12:13:23 PDT 2008

* Erik de Castro Lopo <mle+tools at> schrieb:

> I've also just found this:

Sorry for being rude, but IMHO this is crap. Building the pathname 
from the target-type only helps in very few cases where you have 
only *one* crosscompiler per targettype.

I've got dozens for the same targettype, so I'll get into big 
trouble when trying to rely on that option. (Same applies also 
to the --host configure option).

IMHO, the *clean* way is using sysroot.
(-> +100 for getting the fixed version released asap)

BTW: if you're doing lots of crosscompile's, you most likely want 
to use an buildsystem which does all the dirty work (tracking
dependencies, setting up sysroot, passing the right toolchain) 
for you.

I've got my own (commercial) tool for that. If you like, you can
get a free evalution copy :)

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