Fwd: Web access to repository seems broken

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+tools at mega-nerd.com
Thu Apr 10 21:54:41 PDT 2008

James McKenzie wrote:

> Does this exist for the Mac?

Yes, look in darwinports.

> If not, then might I gently request that 
> this be moved to a more popular program such as git?

Oh, please!!!! This is like suggesting that we all just use
windows because it is more popular than Linux or Mac.

I am currently trying to learn git and I can see very clearly
that git is designed by kernel programmers whose normal 
approach to a user interface is something like a Unix system
call. This is coming from someone who has used cvs, svn,
perforce, GNU arch, bzr, darcs and some others I have probably
forgotten about.

I learned arch and bzr (version 0.11 or something) from the
excellent tutorials. I have searched high and low across the
net and still have not found a single git tutorial that comes
anywhere near the arch and bzr tutorials I learned from.

I'm sure git is very clever and all, but its UI and documentation
is probably the most user hateful thing I have seen sendmail's
cf files.

Erik de Castro Lopo
Gambling(n): A discretionary tax on those asleep during high school

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