Mac OS X support: handle frameworks like libraries?

Benny Siegert bsiegert at
Fri Aug 8 13:05:23 PDT 2008


while compiling LyX/Mac the other day, I came across a problem in the way 
frameworks are handled. On Mac OS, frameworks are a different way to pack 
a library together with its headers. Framework-related options are put in 
--libs-only-other, while the configure script was only checking for 
--libs-only-l and --libs-only-L. While I agree that this is broken 
behavior, it brings me to my question:

The way I see it, -Fpath (framework search path) is equivalent to -Lpath 
for libraries. Thus, -F should maybe be included in the output of 
"pkg-config --libs-only-L". The same thing goes for the "-framework name" 
linker option, which is more or less the same thing as "-lname", namely 
linking against a certain library/framework. Thus, the -framework option 
(with argument) should be added to the output of --libs-only-l.



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