Meaning of "cflags"

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Sun Feb 24 22:17:05 PST 2008

* Daniel Macks 

| I'm a bit confused by what pkg-config means by "cflags", specifically,
| whether it means "flags for the c-language compiler, all stages" or
| "flags for the precompiler, all languages". That is, is the Cflags
| field supposed to contain flags for linking as well, or only flags for
| source compiling (e.g., .c -> .o)?

My understanding is it has just been used for compiling, so «compiler
flags» which includes preprocessor flags (such as -D for cc/gcc).  I
don't think this is written down anywhere, but from what I have seen
of .pc files around, this is what people are using it for as well.

| Actually, that original isn't even functionally correct, because the
| Makefile target is "program" but there's no flag to cc to override the
| default output of "a.out".

-o ?

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