What's up with the list?

Peter Johansson trojkan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 13:23:58 PDT 2008

Mat?j Tý? wrote:
> Come on guys, what's wrong with you?
Why do you think something is wrong?
> I have asked for some advice, but I haven't received any reply. If you
> consider those messages as stupid, irrelevant or obvious, I would like
> that information to get to me, otherwise I can't learn from it.
Ever thought that perhaps nobody really feels they have the knowledge to 
answer your questions? Especially when your questions come to how to 
interface two different packages such as pkg-config and autotools. Can't 
remember exactly what your question was about, but it never hurts to 
look through the Autoconf Macro Archive.

> I would like to have at least one answer, it doesn't matter too much if
> it is a rude one, you know :-)
I hope I wasn't too rude!

> Regards
> Matej
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