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Matěj Týč matej.tyc at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 14:48:26 PDT 2008

> Specifically, you have to show at least one case where you need a
> separate CPPFLAGS or CXXFLAGS where the same result can't be achieved
> with CFLAGS.
1. CXXFLAGS x CFLAGS: You have a project with C++ source and C source
(this is one of the reasons why wxWidgets don't use pkg-config)
2. CPPFLAGS x other ones: Supporting this is a matter of standards.
Somebody else probably knows better than me, for instance Bernd
Petrovitsch (see his post from 10.Oct.)

> Similarly, for LDFLAGS, you need to show a case where you need a 
> separate LDFLAGS that is different from what --libs produces.
For most people it is enough for sure, but again, it is more a question
of standards

> For which <host>? Are you really suggesting that the pkgconfig 
> package supply scripts for 100 different cross compilers? What
> about people who never use cross compilers? They don't want those
> hundreds of scripts.
I meant the name of pkg-config that you compile from source on your
platform. It would be insane to do it for every potential
cross-compiler :-) Then, if you want to cross compile with pkg-config,
you cross compile it and you get <host>-pkg-config in the host
$prefix/bin directory etc.
I like this idea, I still can't see what's wrong with it.

> The $prefix directory is thw wrong place for it because the $prefix
> directory contains the (in this case cross) compiler binaries.
> Instead, you want that script somewhere on your path, preferably
> the same place where your other cross compiler tools are.
pkg-config is, unfortunatelly, not a standard cross compiler tool. I
meant that you have to cross compile it first before you use it. Then it
is in that host $prefix/bin directory
> You, yourself can set up a <host>-pkg-config file now without
> involving anyone else.
It is better to fix it in one place than to make everybody who wants to
cross compile to fix it for himself. Without any official guide.

> So cross compile it from Linux.
In order to use it, you still need the cross compiled libraries. This is
a really big pain in case of popt (I am not sure about glib)
> Its important to realise that most people (me included) don't consider
> pkg-config broken so see nothing to fix.
Some people (not only me) do and they can name several different reasons
for that... 
Is there any interest in improving pkg-config?

> You seem to be seeing problems that everyone else took 10 minutes
> to work around and then move on from.
Come on, what about out-of-the-box functionality?


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