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Erik de Castro Lopo mle+tools at mega-nerd.com
Sun Oct 19 14:38:59 PDT 2008

Bernd Petrovitsch wrote:

> Just that I'm not sure I was clear enough: When mentioned
> "cross-compile", I meant: using pkg-config running on the build host
> (because some libs and apps use it) but the compiled libs and apps run
> on the target system.

So because this runs on the host, as long as it does the CorrectThing (tm)
it really doesn't matter whether it is a binary called
<cross-compiler>-pkg-config or is a shell script with the same name that
uses the native pkg-config to do the right thing.

> The special problem is (or was - it was > 1 year ago with
> pkg-config-0.21 that seriously had to make that),

Version 0.22 was released in June 2007.

> And the problem was *not* "$APP uses $LIB using pkg-config" but it was
> "$APP uses $LIB1 which uses $LIB2 all using pkg-config" because $LIB2
> was indirectly linked/pulled in by $LIB1 and the compile-time directory
> of $LIB2 ended up in $APP. And the build-time directory structure does
> not exist at run-time (and there is no sane way to get these two to
> match).

Are you using the full autotools stack for all these apps and libs? Ie
autoconf, automake, libtool and pkg-config?

If so, please supply a concrete example of a set of $APP, $LIB1 and $LIB2
so this can be independantly tested. Its not that I don't believe you
but more that if noone supplies a concrete example this will not get

> > > So document it and submit a patch for the pkg-config docs.
> > No problem, but before I do that, I would like to find the smartest
> > solution to this problem.
> ACK.
> Environment variables (prefix them with PKG_CONFIG_ or any other long
> string) to override paths/... is usually pretty useful


> JftSoC: More than enough libs and apps also require to compile programs
> transparently as part of the build process. So the simple "just change
> PATH to all of the cross-tools" and similar is also not possible.

Thats is a problem that needs to be addressed with the authors of that
software. It is not a problem that the developers of the autotools can
help you with.

Erik de Castro Lopo
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