.pc and autotools howto missing

Matej Tyc matej.tyc at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 11:16:22 PDT 2008

Dear friends,
pkg-config is considered to be a part of autotools (like automake,
autoconf, libtool), but there is not a nice resource how to integrate it
with the rest of autotools.
There is a mention in the manual about autoconf macros, but there should
be a nice informal article about generating and distributing .pc files.
I have found something here:
http://www.openismus.com/documents/linux/building_libraries/building_libraries.shtml (section "Making your library easy to use")
If there are not some errors or not optimal manners, I can rewrite it to
the wiki with adding a bit of my experience.
What I miss in the article is automatical pass of library name to the
Libs section in the .pc file since Libtool knows the exact name, but I
don't know whether this is possible and not too troublesome.
I welcome your suggestions!

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