pkg-config and rpm relocations

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Mon Apr 5 12:16:34 PDT 2010

]] Kevin Fox 

| Option 1, I can just fix up the .pc file in the postinstall rpm hook.
| This would work but feels a bit unclean.

This would break the checksums that RPM stores and so rpm -V would fail,
would it not?

| Option 2, pkg-config seems to already have some prefix relocation code
| in it but its only enabled in Windows. Is there a reason for this?
| Would it be acceptable to enable this on linux to follow the RPM
| relocation semantics? They are slightly different then whats there
| now, but wouldn't be hard to implement. I could probably whip up a
| patch for this if someone is interested.

I am not yet convinced about relocatable shared libraries being useful
and am quite wary of enabling any support for relocating
libraries. Rebuilding is usually less work and doesn't cause weird

Please note that I'm not disputing that you can, in some cases, relocate
libraries, but you can't always.

I guess an option might be to allow it with a flag in the .pc file, but
again, I'm not convinced relocation is something we necessarily want to

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