RFC: PKG_CHECK_MODULES() should honor ${libdir} and ${datadir}

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Wed Aug 11 01:51:22 PDT 2010

* Colin Close <itchka at compuserve.com> schrieb:


> This kind of thing is a perennial problem for me; it is particularly troublesome when 
> one has a dual-arch system. In systems like this one can end up with four possible 
> locations for pkg-config pc files. 

/etc/profile ?

> There is also the problem where one may be cross-compiling where there may be a 
> fifth location that contains the pc files for cross-compiling.

No, it's _NOT_ a 5th one. It's a _totally_ different set of locations 
which have _nothing_ to do with the system's locations whatsoever. 

For crosscompiling, you'll need a different environment set anyways,
eg. to pass the proper toolchain commands, sysroot prefix, etc, etc.

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