pkg-config and rpm relocations

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at
Mon Aug 16 07:07:58 PDT 2010

* Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen at> schrieb:

> It's useful for people distributing binaries that don't install to a
> known prefix.  

You're speaking of binary-only software which is built to run on
any distro ? Well, in that case you should link statically or use
different runtime configuration. Otherwise you've got great
chance for missing/wrong versions and other kind of problems.

> Think of how people are doing it with disk images on mac os x
> for instance, and similarly how 0install 
> ( and similar projects work.

What does pkg-config have to do with those cases ? AFAIK it's 
only responsible for build time, and these packages don't seem
to be usable for building other packages against them.
And for building, they simply should sysroot - that's way
easier and more stable (eg. reducing the chance for linking
against unexpected libs almost down to zero).

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