[RFC] Use glib-2.0 exclusively

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at metux.de
Thu Aug 26 09:34:21 PDT 2010

* Paul Bender <pebender at san.rr.com> schrieb:

> Maybe a solution is to adopt the solution that GCC adopts for its 
> circular dependency on packages such as gmp, mpc and mpfr. If you have 
> extracted these packages to the top level directory of gcc, then it will 
> compile and use those. Otherwise, it will attempt to use the versions of 
> these libraries installed on the system.

That makes build systems unnecessarily complex. I had to invest a
not of work for getting the coreutils<->gnulib problem solved.
(not completely solved: coreutils still seem to fetch .po files 
from the net, which I still have to suppress).

> However, I cannot see any reason that pkg-config could 
> not do the same thing with glib2 (and its dependencies: zlib). 

Is there any technical reason to move to glib2 ?
What does it have that's _needed_ and the current in-tree glib1
does not have ?

> That is, glib2 and zlib are present in the root source directory, 
> then build those. As long pkg-config static links to them, then 
> there should not be an issue.

The GCC building mess is worse enough. I'm not building it directly,
but use crosstool-ng, where several people invest *a lot* time to
make it work at all. And I seriously don't like to see pkgconfig
drifting in that direction.

By the way: no still have to maintain a separate build system 
for glib2 anyways (which doesnt require pkg-config and so add
additional magic for finding glib2's dependencies), and that
blob got a lot more complex than glib1. 

Do you really want to exchange an long matured copy of glib1 
by a new complex magic for building an separate external glib2 ?

Oh, BTW, already mentioned: glib2 is not crosscompilable.

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