[RFC] Use glib-2.0 exclusively

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Thu Aug 26 10:16:35 PDT 2010

On 8/26/2010 9:14 AM, Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> * Paul Bender<pebender at san.rr.com>  schrieb:
>> With some pain, I believe one can cross compile glib2.
> With _MUCH_ pain. Just have a look at all the AC_TRY_RUN() calls.
> You'll need a *lot* of manual tweaking to get it working cleanly.

Yes, it requires much manual tweaking. However, I only classified it as 
some pain as there a numerous other packages that require even more 
manual tweaking.

In my opinion, autotools should drop AC_TRY_RUN. Sure, it would be 
painful. However, it would force people to find another way to detect 
what they are trying to detect (even if that means an additional 
configuration option).

>> When cross compiling, I expect pain.
> Totally unnecessary pain. Just produced by *stupid* assumptions
> and design decisions. The biggest rule is: *NEVER EVER* expect
> the running system to be equal to the target. This not just
> applies to crosscompiling, but any cases where you want to build
> for another target than the currently running system.

Agreed, it is totally unnecessary pain.

>> I would love not to have this pain. However, I am not sure that I would
>> continue to bundle an old and obsolete package in a package that I
>> maintained because it could save someone this pain.
> No, not keep bundling another library, but make the required
> portions directly part of pkg-config. Just keep the actually
> require code and drop the rest.

That would be even better.

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