Issue with pkg-config 0.25

Brian Cameron brian.cameron at
Thu Jun 3 16:47:35 PDT 2010

pkg-config folks:

After updating the OpenSolaris build system to use pkg-config 0.25
we noticed that several modules do not build properly anymore.  For
example, we notice problems when building ORBit2, audiofile, esound,
and bonobo.

Note that on OpenSolaris, we often build with uninstalled.pc files
where Cflags and Libs are defined like this:

Libs: ${pc_top_builddir}/${pcfiledir}/
Cflags: -I${pc_top_builddir}/${pcfiledir}

When using such uninstalled.pc files, it looks like pkg-config v0.25
escapes the chars '$', '(' and ')', while the old version v0.23 does
not.  Something like this:

New version returns: "\$\(top_builddir\)/../..."
Old version returns: "$(top_builddir)/../..."

The escaped string of Cflags are not converted correctly in the
Makefile, causing the build failures.

I know that some people reported similar problems, but perhaps the
unisntalled.pc case has not been fixed?  If a patch could be provided
which fixes this, that would be helpful.  For now we are going to
have to backout to pkg-config 0.23.



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